Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy dies playing the X-Box for 20hours +

A young man in his 20's recently passed away due to a blood clot a medical condition known as 'pulmonary embolism' which occurs when someones sits or stays in a position for excessive long periods of time.

I think that younger kids today are too glued to playing their video games.
Doctors have been suggesting the negative side effects of prolong period of gaming can have on the body. Well, simply another event which justifies how gaming can be bad to young peoples' health.

On another note:
I have always been against the games which simulate life-like war scenarios.
Excessive gaming which can lead to the child wanting to try the real thing, but can not distinguish the different between gaming world and consequences in the real world is horrifying.

Slightly further off the topic:
When will the world come to exist without the differences of nations, but as a unified planet of human beings'. There are certainly much larger forces at work and as well continue to fight among ourselves we slow down our steps to the next big challenge.

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